Opa Heavy Metal carbon steel pan 24cm

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Opa Heavy Metal carbon steel pan 24cm. The pan is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers, as well as ovens.

Carbon steel pans are a good alternative to coated pans as they do not emit coating particles. Since there is no coating, the pan must be "worked in" in the same way as a cast iron pan. During use, the pan becomes non-infectious.

The pan is particularly suitable for browning potato slices with butter and oil, for example. Metal kitchen utensils can be used in the pan!

Before using the pan, wash the pan with hot water and dishwashing liquid and dry. The pan has already been pre-treated with grease, so it does not need to be re-greased immediately. Wash the pan with warm water immediately after use and do not use detergents anymore as they may seep into the grease layer formed on the pan. Wipe the pan dry with paper towels. The pan must not be washed in the dishwasher. Wear the black surface of the pan is not dangerous and it will recover when the fat burns.

Using the pan.

1. Heat the pan moderately. Excessive heat can twist the bottom of the pan and its original shape will not be restored. The pan must not be heated empty. Add a drop of water to the pan while heating. The carbon steel pan is thinner than the cast iron pan and heats up quickly even at moderate temperatures.

2. Use frying fat, especially in the pan at the beginning of use. If a permanent layer of fat has formed in the pan, the amount of fat can be reduced. Avoid turning the fried food tightly. Be careful when frying high-protein foods, such as chicken eggs or white fish, and lower the stove temperature.

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