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• Size: 68 x 66 x 108 cm
• Grill dome: enamelled steel 1.0 mm
• 2.6 mm ventilation openings and a large strong handle on the grill dome
• Grill lid: 0.7 mm made of enamelled steel with handle
• Grill grill: stainless steel Ø53 cm x 6 mm diameter with removable core where Wok pan or grill plate can be used.
• Carbon: Chromed steel, 4mm diameter
• Stainless steel legs
• Large easy-to-read thermometer
• Ash collection container

SKU: L95228
186,00 €

Dangrill potato baking base

SKU: L87994
12,99 €

Dangrill rib baking holder

SKU: L88002
13,90 €

• Dangrill charcoal box
• Solution for indirect baking by placing the coals in a box and boxes at the edges of the grill

SKU: L86538
16,99 €

Dangrill smoke box V-shaped

SKU: L86639
15,99 €

Dangrill chicken baking base

SKU: L87999
31,49 €

Dangrill bacon grill tray

SKU: L86670
25,49 €

Grill cleaning brush in Dangrill 2-1
• Dimensions: 20cm
• Metal scraper
• Hari
• Product weight: 0.08125kg

SKU: L893531
1,99 €

Dangrill Cover for grill, L
• Dimensions: 130x 57x 110cm (width x depth x height)
• Material: 0.45mm Oxford polyester fiber + pvc
• UV protection

SKU: L87815
49,49 €

Dangrill Cover for grill, XXL
• Dimensions: 152x 56x 120cm (width x depth x height)
• Material: 0.45mm Oxford polyester fiber + pvc
• UV protection

SKU: L87958
49,00 €

Dangrill Cover for grill, XXXXL

SKU: L87971
69,00 €

Dangrill Valhal 610CS gas grill. Large and powerful gas grill designed for use in the Nordic climate. Cast iron, grill grill for use with Grillflex modules. The size of the cooking area is 105.5x 45.2 cm, which allows to prepare food for 20 people at a time.

The grill has six stainless steel brand SS304 burners with a power of 4kW each and a 2.5kW side burner.

Free gas regulator set included.

The dimensions of the grill are 174.6x 59x 114cm and weight 67kg.

SKU: L88133
711,00 € (10%)
790,00 €

Dangrill Ignition cubes

SKU: L11657
2,99 €

High quality Dangrill grill cover, suitable for large dome grills and also for 18 ", 21" and 22 "Mustang Kamados
• Cover for dome grill Ø 57cm in diameter, enough space for the handle
• Dimensions: Ø 72x 90cm
• Material: 0.45mm Oxford fabric (polyester fiber) + PVC

SKU: L87086
46,80 €

Dangrill Sausage tongs

SKU: L87863
4,99 €

Dangrill BBQ grilling form
• Dimensions: 34x17x5cm, thickness: 0.8mm
• Stainless steel
• Two handles
• Product weight: 0.38kg

SKU: L87995
13,99 €

Dangrill BBQ grill tray
• Durable grill base
• Material: stainless steel
• Dimensions: 50xØ30.5x3,3cm
• Material thickness: 0.7mm
• Removable handle

SKU: L87998
19,99 €

Dangrill BBQ cleaning brush
• Dimensions: 37cm
• Long handle
• 3 functions: squeegee, brush and sponge
• Product weight 0.148kg

SKU: L88007
2,99 €

Dangrill grill cleaning brush 3-1
• Dimensions: 16.5x 7.5x 9.5 cm
• 3 functions: squeegee, brush and sponge
• Product weight: 0.109kg

SKU: L893529
3,00 €

Dangrill portable gas grill.
Universal grill for both balcony and travel. Can be used with both a small hiking gas cylinder (gas regulator is included in the set) and a regular gas cylinder (corresponding 30mbar regulator required, not included in the set).

SKU: L88035
169,00 €