Gas or charcoal grill assembly. The service is valid only within Tallinn and Harju County.

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Gas or charcoal grill assembly. The service is valid only within Tallinn and Harju County. The grill is delivered assembled.

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• Size: 68 x 66 x 108 cm
• Grill dome: enamelled steel 1.0 mm
• 2.6 mm ventilation openings and a large strong handle on the grill dome
• Grill lid: 0.7 mm made of enamelled steel with handle
• Grill grill: stainless steel Ø53 cm x 6 mm diameter with removable core where Wok pan or grill plate can be used.
• Carbon: Chromed steel, 4mm diameter
• Stainless steel legs
• Large easy-to-read thermometer
• Ash collection container

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Big Landmann Kamado grill

With the ceramic kamado grill, you can brown, grill and smoke meat and other food. Meat remains juicier than when cooking with other types of grills. The Kamado grill is easier to maintain the temperature and at the same time uses less coal than a regular charcoal grill.

• Thermometer on the cover
• Stainless ventilation valve to regulate the air flow on the side
• Cast iron strong carbon
• Strong inner container
• Strong double stainless steel folding grill

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Portable charcoal grill
• Baking surface twice 21x 34cm
• Dimensions: 50x 38x 17.5 cm

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AVALON 4.1 - 4 burner gas grill 12799


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Mustang pelletigrill Houston

Durable pellet grill. The housing is made of 3mm thick steel sheet. Burner power 260W. 8 thermostatically adjustable temperature levels. The dimensions of the grilling and smoking area are 72 * 49cm.IP4 moisture protection standard.

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