Kamado Cherry Compact 16 "

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Kamado Cherry Compact 16 "

Compact with a ripe cherry-colored body, but still a capable table-top kamado thanks to its multi-storey cooking surface. Introductory price at the beginning of the season.

The grill has a Triple Cooking System (TPS), which consists of three floors:
1) pizza / flame arrestor plate diam 22.8 cm, 2) baking tray diam 32.5 cm, 3) additional grate.
By using or combining the three levels separately, the grill is more powerful than other similar table-tops.

The grill has a cast iron upper damper and a stainless steel lower damper, stainless steel hinges with 2 springs, a thermometer, wooden handles and a frame covered with black metal powder paint.

• Grill diam 39cm.
• The dimensions of the grill when assembled are 54x 53x 58cm.
• The working height from the table surface is 33 cm.
• Weight: 32kg.
• Allows you to grill up to 6 people at a time.

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