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Cordless lawnmower GROUW + battery charger + 2 pcs 40V batteries. Best price! Free shipping.

SKU: L78033
Brand: GROUW
Delivery time: 2-5tp
Price: 615,00 €
369,00 €
Kuumakse alates: 31,37 €

Cordless lawnmower GROUW + battery charger + 2 pcs 40V batteries

GROUW maintenance-free and quiet cordless lawnmower from Denmark
Supplied with battery charger and two 40V 2.5AH batteries, which allows mowing up to 600 m2 of lawn!
An excellent choice if you do not want to bother with petrol and oils or haul the power cord and the mowed plot does not exceed 600 m2. Manual push.

• Quiet brushless motor produces only 94bB of noise
• Cutting width: 43cm
• Motor power: 850W
• Speed: 2800 - 3100 rpm
• Battery life: 2x 20min
• Adjusting the blade to 6 positions
• Mulch, pick up or throw away the mowed grass
• Collector: 50L
• Wheels: PVC and rubber
• Front wheel diam: 18cm
• Rear wheel diameter: 25cm
• Housing material: Steel
• There are slots for two batteries under the cover. One of them works at a time.
• Includes 2 V LI-ION batteries (2.5 AH each) and battery charger
• Batteries are equipped with an LED indicator. When 4 lights are on, the battery is full, when one light is on, the battery needs to be charged.

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