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Gas grill Valhal 410 CS, 4 burners and side burner + free gas regulator. Free home delivery!

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Gas grill Valhal 410 CS, 4 burners and side burner + free gas regulator.

• New model! Gas grill with a very good price-quality ratio.
• Valhal series gas grills are specially manufactured for use in the Nordic climate. The grill has a rust-resistant coating.
• The grill has 4 very powerful 4kW stainless steel burners each, in addition to a 2.5kw side burner.
• Automatic ignition.
• Large Grillflex grill with removable cast iron core, cooking surface 71x 45cm.
• The heating grille and burner covers are made of enamelled steel.
• Stainless steel thermometer and front panel.
• 4 rubber wheels, two of which are lockable.
• Dimensions when assembled: 140x 59x 117cm
• Weight: 46kg.
• The dimensions of the grill in the box: 84x 64x 64cm and weight 49 kg
• The lower cabinet of the grill can hold a large gas cylinder up to 11 kg.

NB! The grill comes with a free Dangrill gas cylinder reducer kit, with hose and connection clamps.

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