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RÖSLE kettle girll No.1 Sport F50
• Grill width 50cm

SKU: L25002
224,10 € (10%)
249,00 €

RÖSLE Fish Bone Tongs
• The flat, wide grips of the Fishbone Tongs with their grooved ridges get hold of fishbones of all sizes without breaking them
18/10 stainless steel

SKU: L25065
17,95 €

• RÖSLE Fish Rack
• The perfect grill accessory for grilling fish such as trout, samlet and seabream.
• Offers two options for positioning the fish.

SKU: L25071
32,99 €

RÖSLE Barbecue Grate F50
• Ø 50cm
18/0 stainless steel

SKU: L25834
65,99 €

• RÖSLE BBQ Briquettes
• Smoke- free ignition when combined with the RÖSLE Zero Smoke System
• More than 4 hours BBQ pleasure
• 3kg

SKU: L25150
7,49 €

• Hook Set RÖSLE AIR kettle grill
• Enables hanging of grill utensils ready to use on the grill frame
• 5 pcs.

SKU: L25024
21,99 €

RÖSLE Charcoal Tongs
18/10 stainless steel

SKU: L25036
27,49 €

RÖSLE Hot Dog Roaster
• Removable handle

SKU: L25145
27,49 €

RÖSLE Protective Cover Kettle Grill
• Protects the grill from rain, wind, pollen and dirt

SKU: L25020
34,95 €

RÖSLE Tool Holder Kettle Grill No.1 Sport F60
• Suitable for all RÖSLE No.1 sport models with Ø 50 cm

SKU: L25043
17,49 €

• Cast- iron Grate RÖSLE AIR F50
• Enamelled cast- iron grate
• Size: 48.5x 48.5x 7.4cm

SKU: L25028
89,00 €

RÖSLE Kettle Grill No.1 F60
• Barbecue grill Ø60cm

SKU: L25006
355,50 € (10%)
395,00 €

 Gas Grill RÖSLE Buddy G40 30bar
• In your home, on your balcony, patio or on the road
• The Buddy is a gas grill designed for universal use -indoors and out
• It is the perfect solution for grilling on the balcony because grilling and cooking on it does not produce any smoke

SKU: L25017
202,30 € (30%)
289,00 €

RÖSLE Marinade Injector
• Marinade can be directly injected into the meat with the syringe
• Intensifies aroma and shortens marinating time

SKU: L25058
19,49 €

RÖSLE Barbecue Cooking System
• Set of 2 bowls
• Portselanemaileeritud
• Material: Porcelain-enamelled steel

SKU: L25084
54,99 €

• RÖSLE Barbecue Turner XL
• The wide horizontal blade is ideal for lifting, turning and transferring whole fish and large cuts of meat.
18/10 stainless steel

SKU: L25055
43,99 €

RÖSLE Enamelled Grill Pan
• Ideal for cooking over high heat, e.g. meat or chips.
• Heat-resistant to 400 °C/752 °F.
Cast iron, Cast iron enamelled

SKU: L25113
47,49 €

RÖSLE Burger Turner
• Ideal for lifting food off the grill pan or grill plate
• Liquid can easily drain through the perforated holes

SKU: L25120
27,49 €

RÖSLE Kettle Grill No.1 F50 AIR
• Grill width Ø50cm

SKU: L25001
265,50 € (10%)
295,00 €

RÖSLE kettle grill NO.1 Belly F50

SKU: L25007
185,00 €