Wooden Fireplace Bellows

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Wooden Fireplace Bellows

• Product dimensions: 40x 17cm
• Material: wood, includes leather strap for hanging
• Keeps that fire roaring, easily start your fire with a burst of air
• Easy and Safe to use: No additional fuel required, and keep you in a safe distance from the fire and smoke
• Ideal for fireplaces and camping, great for both starting your fire and giving the burning an occasional helping hand
Item number: BBQ-9015

Kokku sobivad tooted

Dangrill kettle barbeque
• Size: 68 x 66 x 108cm
• Grill bowl: enamelled steel 1.0mm, Grill bowl with 2.6mm ventilation holes
• Grill lid: enamelled steel 0.7mm with lid holder

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Portable charcoal grill
• Stainless steel
• Can be used on both sides
• Wooden-handle
• Cooking area 2x: 21x 34cm
• Product dimensions: 50x 38x 17.5cm

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Dundee double hybrid grill "Allgrill Country"
Weight: 70kg
• Product dimensions: 168.5x 70x 58cm

Comes with gas regulator (for bottle with valve on the side)+ grill cover+ grill-plate!
Delivered only assembled!

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Classic Kettle Barbecue 17"
• Black enamelled metal kettle grill
• Diameter: 43cm
• Working height: 82cm
Ash catcher
• 2 wheels

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Portable charcoal grill
• Cooking area 2x: 21x 34cm
• Product dimensions: 50x 38x 17.5cm

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Charcoal Barbecue
• Diameter: 46cm

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Charcoal Barbecue 46cm, Extra strong
• Diameter: 46cm
• Working height: 73cm
• Grilling area: Ø43cm

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GRILLCHEF Kettle Grill

A new addition to the Landmann charcoal family the Grill Chef Kettle barbecue has a classic design and compact size ideal for small patios and gardens. An enamelled lid and fire bowl makes this kettle ideal for traditional direct cooking, and with integrated charcoal dividers is also suitable for indirect cooking and smoking.
A removeable ashcatcher and stainless steel grill enables easy cleaning; and with a 53cm diameter cooking grill it is suitable for up to six people when entertaining.

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Landmann Kepler 400 Kettle Barbecue
The Landmann Kepler Kettle 400 offers a 56cm cooking grill suitable for up to 10 people with foldable sections to make topping up your charcoal easy and hassle free. Integrated charcoal dividers within the charcoal grid allow for both direct and indirect cooking from traditional burgers to a succulent smoked pulled pork. This classic design with an integrated thermometer and air vent to regulate the perfect temperature is perfect for small gatherings at home, at the park or the beach, where permitted.

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Landmann Kepler 600 Kettle Barbecue w. cast iron cooking grid

• The Landmann Kepler Kettle 600 is the premium addition to the Kepler family featuring a heavy duty cast iron cooking grill with foldable sections for topping up your charcoal throughout the cooking period.
• This classic design has a 56cm cooking grill perfect for entertaining up to 10 people at a family gathering.
• The Kepler 600 includes charcoal baskets to perfectly position the charcoal for both direct and indirect cooking.
• An integrated thermometer and air vent to regulate the perfect temperature is ideal for preparing succulent smoked pulled pork or a tender chicken for your guests or the traditional burgers and sausages cooked directly over the heat.


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Single disposable barbecue
• The single disposable barbecue is suitable for the garden, picnics, camping or days out.
• Easy to light and with its own stand it will be ready in 20 minutes.
• With a cooking area of 29cm x 22cm it is suitable for cooking for up to 3 persons. 

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RÖSLE kettle grill NO.1 Belly F50

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RÖSLE Kettle Grill No.1 F50 AIR
• Grill width Ø50cm

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RÖSLE Kettle Grill No.1 F60
• Barbecue grill Ø60cm

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RÖSLE kettle girll No.1 Sport F50
• Grill width 50cm

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BBQ Smoker, grill
• BBQ grill is suitable for grilling and smoking. And it makes your garden look great.
• Grill has 2 chambers. Bigger is used for smoking and as charcoal grill. Smaller is for fireplace for making smoke, but its suitable as smaller grill aswell. Strong iron, welded bowl, hinged lid.
• Fireplace sheet metal thickness 2mm.

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Landmann Goth barbecue
• Black high heat painted lid and firebowl
• Heavy cast iron cooking grills
• Large warming rack (62cm x 22cm)
• Cooking area:  42cm x 56cm
• Product dimensions: W 116cm x H 114cm x D 63cm
• Package dimensions: 77cm x 35.5cm x 53.5cm

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