Suitcase-charcoal grill, portable

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Portable charcoal grill

• Can be used both unilaterally and bilaterally
• The grill lid is hinged
• There is a wooden handle and a quick release to carry the grill
• Painted in black heat-resistant paint
• Baking surface twice 21x 34cm
• Dimensions: 50x 38x 17.5cm
• Product code: A-115S

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Landmann dome grill KEPLER 400
• Thermometer on the cover
• Enamelled lid, grill pan and charcoal
• Ventilation valve to regulate the air flow
• Stainless steel folding grill
• Ergonomic handles with accessory hooks
• Chimney type ash collector with air flow control

Under the German brand of Landmann, grills have been produced for over 50 years!

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Landmann Coal and smoke grill Vinson 400
Landmann Vinson 400 is suitable for both grilling and smoking. You can prepare vegetables, chicken, meat and fish on the grill with an elegant design. The near-ground grill is made of 4 mm iron. Due to the thick material, the grill is very durable and the temperature in the grill is easier to maintain. Thanks to the pull handle and wheels, the grill is easy to move .
• Housing metal thickness 4mm
• Cover metal thickness 4mm
• Heating shelf
• Folding front shelf / work surface
• Thermometer on the cover
• Charcoal and grill racks in both barrels
• Barbecue area: 880x 440x 390x 410mm
• Height: 1340mm
• Width: 1420mm
• Depth: 935mm
• Weight: 126kg

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950,00 €

Dome grill Mustang "Neo"
• Ø 47cm
• Baking height: 76cm
• Material thickness: 0.7mm
• Dimensions folded: 54x 51x 94cm
• Enamelled
• Ash collector
• Color: metallic blue
• Bakelite handles
• 4 feet, 2 wheels

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Gas or charcoal grill assembly. The service is valid only within Tallinn and Harju County. The grill is delivered assembled.

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Mustang charcoal grill Avalon 2

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