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Suitcase-charcoal grill, portable

SKU: LA-115S
Delivery time: 5-14 days
27,00 €

Portable charcoal grill

• Can be used both unilaterally and bilaterally
• The grill lid is hinged
• There is a wooden handle and a quick release to carry the grill
• Painted in black heat-resistant paint
• Baking surface twice 21x 34cm
• Dimensions: 50x 38x 17.5cm
• Product code: A-115S

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Charcoal grill RÖSLE No.1 Sport F50
• Diameter: 50cm

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Landmann barrel grill GOTH with cast iron grill
• The height of the charcoal bath is adjustable, thanks to which you can adjust the distance of the charcoal from the cooking surface
• Makes food for ~ 10 people
• Baking surface 56x 42cm
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Travel and table grill

A small charcoal grill made of thick tin, convenient to take on a trip!

• Dimensions: Ø 31.5x 43.5cm
• Grill grate: Ø29cm

SKU: L1040/1014 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
17,90 € (21%)
22,80 €

• Ventilation system for fast grilling, the grill is ready for use in just 5-10 minutes
• Size: height 19cm, Ø38cm
• Baking area: Ø35 cm
• Powder coated steel, stainless steel and plastic
• Easy to clean
• Combined heat reflector and grease trap
• Fan power: 4x AA (not included)
• The outer surface heats up only slightly, so the grill can be put off after a short time

SKU: L86548 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
49,00 € (35%)
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TunaBone Kamado classic 23 "grill, dark green, with many accessories

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