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Mustang alder smoke chips

SKU: L229812
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Mustang alder smoke chips

• 3L
• Softer smoky flavor, suitable for seafood and vegetables
• Product code: 229812

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The Landmann smoke chip box for charcoal and gas grills allows you to give the food to be grilled the desired flavor and aroma.
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Smoking alder
• Capacity: 10L
• Made of alder
• Instructions for use: sprinkle a thin layer of alder crumb on the oven bottom stain at about 2dl / kg. Adding 1-2 pieces of sugar to the crumbs gives the fish a beautiful golden color and good taste. Smoke the fish for 20-50 minutes depending on the heat and the size of the fish. Fish are cooked when the meat is easily detached from the bones.

SKU: L304833 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
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