Mustang Gas grill Santa Fe 4+1

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Mustang gas grill "Santa" FE 4+1

• The total heat capacity (all gas categories): 17.2kW
• 4 stainless steel burners 3.5kW
• 3.2kW steel side burner
• Enamelled burner covers
• Cooking area: 64x 45.5cm
• Cast iron grill plate and the grill
• Stainless steel hood with window, and a thermometer
• Stainless steel side tables, control panel and cabinet doors
• Black powder coated trolley frame
• 2 lockable castors and 2 without lock
• Product dimensions: 132x 56.5x 113.5cm
• Gas consumption: 1252 g/h
Item number: 286944

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