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Mustang charcoal grill Avalon 2. Cast iron grills.

SKU: 325032
Delivery time: 1-3 tp
Price: 229,00 €
206,10 €
Kuumakse alates: 17,52 €

Mustang charcoal grill Avalon 2

• The grill has cast iron grills with a grilling surface of 59x 45 cm
• Inside the grills there is a removable round grate diam. 30cm, which allows you to use a grill pan, pizza plate, etc. in addition to the grill.
• There is a heating rack under the grill lid and a thermometer on the lid
• The grill hob can be adjusted to 6 different cooking heights with the lever on the front of the grill
• There is a door on the front of the grill with adjustable ventilation openings
• There is a sliding ash plate at the bottom of the grill
• The grill has a chimney with a valve
• The grill has two side shelves and two large wheels
• Dimensions when assembled are 128x 62x 124cm
• The transport package weighs 31.6 kg and measures 77x 52x 38cm
• It takes about 1 hour for one person to assemble the grill

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