Landmann Selection smoke box

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Landmann Selection smoke box

• Made of stainless steel
• Size: 27.5x 4.5x 10cm
• For smoking with wood chips, wood pellets or wood dust
• For gas and charcoal barbecues
• Capacity approx. 700ml
• Colour carton
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Kokku sobivad tooted

Mustang smoking chips alder 3l

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Big Landmann Kamado grill
• Thick ceramic body
• Thermometer in the lid
• Cast iron valve
• Stainless steel cooking grill
• Cast iron charcoal grid
• Additional stainless steel cooking gril for a second level
• High quality felt seal
• Wagon barbecue with two foldable side shelves
• 2 wheels, 2 casters
• Product dimensions: 125cm x 131cm x 72cm 
• Suitable barbecue cover available: 15706

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• Landmann Gas barbecue Pantera 2.0  with trolley and gas regulator.
• Cn be used as standard gas grill or camping grill. 
• Can make food for ~6 people. Cooking height 90cm
• Weight: 20kg
• Product dimensions: 105x 35x 50cm
• Grilling area: 48x 37cm

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Landmann Kepler 400 Kettle Barbecue
The Landmann Kepler Kettle 400 offers a 56cm cooking grill suitable for up to 10 people with foldable sections to make topping up your charcoal easy and hassle free. Integrated charcoal dividers within the charcoal grid allow for both direct and indirect cooking from traditional burgers to a succulent smoked pulled pork. This classic design with an integrated thermometer and air vent to regulate the perfect temperature is perfect for small gatherings at home, at the park or the beach, where permitted.

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Landmann Kepler 600 Kettle Barbecue w. cast iron cooking grid

• The Landmann Kepler Kettle 600 is the premium addition to the Kepler family featuring a heavy duty cast iron cooking grill with foldable sections for topping up your charcoal throughout the cooking period.
• This classic design has a 56cm cooking grill perfect for entertaining up to 10 people at a family gathering.
• The Kepler 600 includes charcoal baskets to perfectly position the charcoal for both direct and indirect cooking.
• An integrated thermometer and air vent to regulate the perfect temperature is ideal for preparing succulent smoked pulled pork or a tender chicken for your guests or the traditional burgers and sausages cooked directly over the heat.


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Landmann Goth barbecue
• Black high heat painted lid and firebowl
• Heavy cast iron cooking grills
• Large warming rack (62cm x 22cm)
• Cooking area:  42cm x 56cm
• Product dimensions: W 116cm x H 114cm x D 63cm
• Package dimensions: 77cm x 35.5cm x 53.5cm

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Avalon 4.1 - 4 burner gas barbecue
• Premium class barbecue with Power Thermal spreading System.

Special offer!
Rain cover art. 14326, gas regulator set art. 1077NO and  rotisserie with motor art. 13050 included    FREE!
Save €169.00 !

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Landmann gas grill Triton PTS 3.1 Sapphire black
• 13.5 KW
• PTS - patented Power Termal Spreading System, the energy from burner is applied evenly and efficiently to the cooking grill.

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Landmann gas grill Triton PTS 4.1 stainless steel
• Power thermal spreading (PTS) system allows to distribute heat more evenly
• Stainless steel double wall lid , front panel and cabinet doors

Includes free enamelled cast iron plate (art. 13190) worth 45€

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