AMT Square glass Lid 28x 28cm

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AMT Square glass Lid

• Product dimensions: 28x 28cm
• Domed fitted glass lid
• Heat resistant up to 240°C
• Prevents food from splattering on your stovetop
• Perfect for steaming, slow cooking and braising

AMT Gastroguss makes their cookware tough so your food doesn’t have to be. This glass lid fits on to the corresponding cookware perfectly and provides even more versatility, allowing for different cooking methods such as steam frying, braising, steaming and slow cooking

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AMT Square pan shallow item
Deemed "The Best Pan in the World" by the VKD, German's largest chef's association, star chefs around the world profit daily from the excellent quality of AMT products.  The LOTAN non stick coating makes cookware so easy to rinseand has our 5 years LOTAN non stick coating guarantee and our 25 years heat transmission guarantee. AMT manufactures all products in house in Germany.

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