GrillChef Kettle Grill

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GRILLCHEF Kettle Grill

• Thermometer in the lid
• Enamelled lid and firebowl
• Ventilation disc in the lid
• Chrome plated cooking grill
• Charcoal dividers for indirect cooking
• Chimney effect for controlling the airflow
• Removable ash catcher
• Wheels
• Cooking grill diameter 53.5cm 
• Dimensions: Ø74cm x 105cm x 62cm
Item number: 11100

A new addition to the Landmann charcoal family the Grill Chef Kettle barbecue has a classic design and compact size ideal for small patios and gardens. An enamelled lid and fire bowl makes this kettle ideal for traditional direct cooking, and with integrated charcoal dividers is also suitable for indirect cooking and smoking.
A removeable ashcatcher and stainless steel grill enables easy cleaning; and with a 53cm diameter cooking grill it is suitable for up to six people when entertaining.

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Landmann Grill cover
Product dimensions: Ø78x 58cm
• Material: water resistant PVC Polyester
• Protects the grill from rain, wind, pollen and dirt

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19,90 €

Landmann Skewers 2pcs
• 2pcs
• Made of Stainless Steel
• With movable extractor
• Triangular blade shape prevents the food from slipping
• Rubberised handle for safe use
• Size: 3x 2x 40.5 cm

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16,99 €

Landmann Digital Thermometer
• Radio display module and sensor with transmitter
• Measurement of the core temperature, range approx. 30 m
• 8 types of meat and 5 different grilling levels can be adjusted
• Extra large display, made of high quality ABS plastic
• Target barbecue temperature can be set
• Automatic alert when the desired cooking level is reached
• Stopwatch and countdown timer
• Battery powered (4 x AAA batteries not included)
• Product dimensions:  6 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm

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Landmann Selection charcoal starter
• Large fill volume of 5.4l
• Safe handling thanks to heat shield
• User- friendly use thanks to special handle shape

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Landmann BBQ Mitten
• Extra long for protection against heat and grease
• Material: Cotton
• Product: 36 cm x 18 cm

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Landmann Barbecue Apron

• Product size: 105x 70cm
Generous cut with pockets
• Material: 65 % polyester, 35% cotton
• Item number: 13701

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Landmann Fish Holder

• Stainless steel
• Rubberised handle for safe use
• Quality stainless steel fish holder
• Size: 12x 12x 56.5cm

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