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Gas grill Rösle Buddy G40 30bar

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Gas grill RÖSLE Buddy G40 30bar

• Universal for both indoor and outdoor use
• Ideal for use on the balcony as it does not generate smoke
• When used at maximum temperature, lasts from one gas cylinder for up to 1 hour
• Easy to use
• Grill plate Ø37cm
• The grill plate is made of cast iron
• The power of the burner is 2000W, which allows the temperature to rise up to 300˚C
• The grill cover is not included
• Product code: 25017

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• Volume: 220g
• Do not store above 50 ° C
• This gas cartridge is suitable for all equipment using a mixture of butane and propane that complies with standard EN 521
• The gas cartridge complies with standard EN 417

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