Gas Grill RÖSLE Buddy G40 30bar

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Gas Grill RÖSLE Buddy G40 30bar

• The Buddy is a gas grill designed for universal use inside and outdoors
• It is the perfect solution for grilling on the balcony because grilling and cooking on it does not produce any smoke
• When cooking with maximum power, one cartridge will last for a minimum of 1 hour when paired with the Buddy Of course the cartridge will last even longer during normal operation
• This feature makes it very easy to start the burner
• The grilling grate boasts a diameter of 37 cm
• Thanks to the cast iron grilling grate users will enjoy genuine grilling results. The flame guard makes grilling inside of buildings absolutely safe
• Nearly 2000 watt, this burner delivers perfect grilling temperatures of up to 300 °C to the grilling grate
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Gas cartridge
• 220GR A4

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RÖSLE Cooking Cover for Buddy G40
The porcelain enameled cooking cover for placement over the grilling surface for the Buddy gas grill speeds up the cooking process of foods that take a long time to cook through. The pre-installed handle thermometer displays internal cooking area temperatures in °C and °F.

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