Dundee double hybrid grill "Allgrill Country"

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Dundee double hybrid grill "Allgrill Country"

Weight: 70kg
• Product dimensions: 168.5x 70x 58cm
• Total gas part capacity: 13.5kW
• 2 layer porcelain-enamelled barbecue lid
• Cast iron grates
• Grilling area in both burning chambers 45x 46cm
2 separate stainless steel burners + recessed side burner
• 4 wheels, 2 lockable
• Stainless steel fine plates at the fron edges
• Stainless steel front panel, both spools
• Right side cabinet with handle and hanging loops
• Gas side has 50% and 50% plate and grate
• Corresponding to the charcoal half, the cap plus the ventilation valves
Item number: 100622

Comes with gas regulator (for bottle with valve on the side)+ grill cover+ grill-plate!
Delivered only assembled!

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