Dangrill Portable gas BBQ

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Dangrill Portable gas BBQ

For those who love grilling- whether they are at home, on holiday or in a park.
Compact and high performance gas barbecue in functional and practical design.
Connection to both compact gas cartridges while on the move and big gas bottle at home (extra acessorie).
Fits the Grill flex system so you can extend your barbecue experience on the move.
Compact design compatible with Grill Flex products.

• Product size: H43 x Ø35cm
• Material: coated steel
• Grill area: Ø31cm
• Lid with handle and fastened with clips
• Incl. regulator for 7/16 cartridge from HPS
Item number: 88035

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Xpert gas cartridge 460G D4

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5,90 €

Landmann Safety regulator set
• Pressure regulator 30mbar
• Hose clamps 2p
• With the pressure gauge showing pressure in the liquid gas bottles giving an indication of when it is time to refill the liquid gas bottles

SKU: L1077NO ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
26,99 €