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Dangrill chicken baking base

SKU: L87999
Delivery time: 5- 14 days
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Dangrill chicken baking base

• A good solution for making crispy and delicious chicken
• Removable top, does not take up much space when removed
• Stainless steel, long service life
• Water / beer, onions, etc. can be placed in the middle container, which keeps the meat juicy inside and the spices give flavor.
• Excess liquid collects at the bottom of the container and does not drip onto the grill
• Size when assembled 30.5x 13.5cm
• In the package
• Product code: 87999

Kokku sobivad tooted

• Size: 68 x 66 x 108 cm
• Grill dome: enamelled steel 1.0 mm
• 2.6 mm ventilation openings and a large strong handle on the grill dome
• Grill lid: 0.7 mm made of enamelled steel with handle
• Grill grill: stainless steel Ø53 cm x 6 mm diameter with removable core where Wok pan or grill plate can be used.
• Carbon: Chromed steel, 4mm diameter
• Stainless steel legs
• Large easy-to-read thermometer
• Ash collection container

SKU: L95228 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
145,00 €