Cast Iron Plate Rösle Videro G3/G4

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Cast Iron Plate Rösle Videro G3/G4 

Cast iron enamelled anthracite
44.5x 19.5x 1.4cm
Cast iron
• Cast iron plate suitable for Videro G3/G4 gas barbecues
• Size approx. 45x 19.5 cm/17.7x 7.7in., area approx. 877cm²/136
• Grill plate can be used on two sides: smooth and grooved side
• Grooved side for typical rhombic pattern on pieces of grilled meat
• Smooth side for preparing small items, such as e.g. prawns, medallions, vegetables, etc. Also ideal for pieces of meat loaded with fat, such as duck breast or Belly meat, the fat is drained in a controlled way via an opening and cannot drip into the fire
• Material: enamelled cast iron

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