Cast-iron grill-plate 1/2 for "Country"

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Cast-iron grill-plate 1/2 for "Country"

• Product dimensions: 22.5x 45cm
• Griddle side special for meats i.e.  pan frying
• Flat side with the surrounding margin is for many other dishes (Similar functionality to a hot stone) 
• It fits exactly as replacment of the grid
• With fat flow-opening 
• The plate is pre-heated and burned in oil
Item number: 55622

Kokku sobivad tooted

Dundee double hybrid grill "Allgrill Country"
Weight: 70kg
• Product dimensions: 168.5x 70x 58cm

Comes with gas regulator (for bottle with valve on the side)+ grill cover+ grill-plate!
Delivered only assembled!

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