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BBQ grill and smoker Country. Free shipping in Estonia! The best-selling smoker grill .

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Smoke oven-charcoal grill with chimney .

Suitable for both grilling and smoking. In addition, it decorates your garden.

The grill has two chambers. The larger one is for baking and use as a charcoal grill, the smaller one is for a smoke oven fireplace, but it is also possible to grill there. Strong metal, welded body, hinged lids.

• Fireplace sheet thickness 1.2mm
• There are 3 wooden handles for opening the doors and moving the grill
• The lid has a thermometer and thanks to the adjustable air flow (side air opening and chimney smoke valve) suitable heat and smoke can be stored
• Metal grills are enamelled, cooking area dimensions 59x 40cm
• Practicality is added by a chromed metal heating grate (59.5x 20cm) and an adjustable ash tray
• For easier movement of the grill with two metal wheels (diam 25cm)
• In front of the grill cooking area there is a metal auxiliary surface measuring 62.5x 22.5cm and under the grill a shelf measuring 67x 36cm
• Overall size (cm): W: 125 x H: 132 x W: 66
• Larger barrel (cm): L: 66 x D: 41.5
• Smaller barrel (cm): L: 38 x D: 33
• Baking height 85cm
• Product code: 1058

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Dangrill grills and shovel
• Material: plastic and metal
• Grilling shovel dimensions: 38x 7x 2.7cm
• Dimensions of grilling tongs: 38x 6x 5cm
• Product code: 87879

SKU: L87879 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
11,90 €

Dangrill grill shovel and pliers
• Grill shovel dimensions: 45.3x 9x 2.5cm
• Dimensions of grilling tongs: 40.5x 3.3x 3.8cm
• Material: stainless steel

SKU: L86620 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14days
23,90 €

Smoking box for grill

SKU: 88205 ,   Delivery time: 1-3 tp
14,90 €

Charcoal firing lung

SKU: 87274 ,   Delivery time: 1-3 tp
12,10 €

Barbecue mat with non-stick surface
• Dimensions: Ø 40.5cm
• Withstands heat up to 260 ° C
• Reusable, can be used 20-100 times
• Suitable for both grill and oven use (up to 260 ° C)

SKU: L86594 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
4,90 €

Barbecue glove made of suede

SKU: 86293 ,   Delivery time: 1-3 tp
14,90 €

Meat thermometer, classic

SKU: 87865 ,   Delivery time: 1-3 tp
5,90 €

Cast iron grilling plate
• Diameter 26cm
• For use on charcoal and gas grills
• Protects food from direct flame and burns
• Distributes heat evenly and cools slowly
• Two sides: striped and smooth

SKU: LRH5032A ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
19,90 €