Frying pan Ø28cm, 5cm with edge, removable handle

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AMT Frying pan Ø28cm, 5cm edge height

• Frying pan Ø28cm, 5cm edge height
Suitable cookers: gas, electric, ceramic
• Induction Safe aluminium pan with LOTAN non-stick coating
• 9mm thick aluminium warp-free thermal base ensures quick, even heat distribution and energy efficiency as it retains the heat
• Ergonomic handles are heat resistant up to 240°C
• Short cooking time and less fat required means healthy food that retains vitamins and minerals
• 5 layer coating ensures the pan is hard wearing and long lasting
• Designed and developed with the German national culinary team and made in Germany
• Named The World's Best Pan by Germany's largest culinary association and by the European culinary association
• 100% PFOA free

Deemed "The Best Pan in the World" by the VKD, German's largest chef's association, star chefs around the world profit daily from the excellent quality of AMT products. The LOTAN non stick coating makes cookware so easy to rinseand has our 5 years LOTAN non stick coating guarantee and our 25 years heat transmission guarantee. AMT manufactures all products in house in Germany.

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The best pan lid in the world

• Size: Ø28 cm
• Heat-resistant glass
• With the ventilation button

Suitable for both professional chefs and home-made gourmets who appreciate quality.

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