Robust BBQ and smoke grill Georgia, durable 3mm thick body

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Extremely strong construction and long-lasting BBQ and smoke grill Georgia, durable 3mm thick body.
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• External dimensions of the grill: 70x 140x 122cm
• Weight: 80kg
• The grill consists of a fire chamber and a smoking and grilling chamber.
• The dimensions of the smoking and grilling area are 72x 27cm. The grill is made of 6 mm thick steel wire.
• The dimensions of the additional grille under the grill lid are 65.5x 14cm.
• The dimensions of the grilling grilles in the combustion chamber are 39x 37cm.
• The grill is covered with heat-resistant paint up to 600º C.
• The grill chimney has a valve and the lid has two thermometers.
• The grill has valves through which the thermometer can be placed in the grill chamber.
• The grill is packed in three boxes.

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