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If you are looking for a new charcoal or gas grill, then you´ve found to the right place! We have imported grills for over 25 years. We represent Germany companies Landmann and Rösle, who have over 50 years history of quality products, in Estonia.
We represent a Danish trademark Dangrill as well. Dangrill grills are specially designed for northern climate.
For price-sensitive customers we have Fireplus trademark grills. These grills have really good price-quality approach and they are favourable.
In our website you can find all kind of grill accessories, grill covers.
We will answer to all your questions on work days 8:30- 17:00. Give us a call +372 656 3517 or send us an e-mail

Visit our shops Kodu ja Köök if you want to get a closer look to our grills or grill accessories. Our shops are located in Haabersti shopping centre (Haabersti 1) and Viimsi shoppping centre (Sõpruse tee 15, Viimsi).
When you buy a grill from our website and it costs more than 400.00€, we will put it together and deliver it to you (in Tallinn and Harjumaa) for FREE! We can also take away your old and tired grill if you want to. Delivery fee for grills to nearby countries (Finland & Baltics) starts at 50€, depending on the size of the grill and the desired location.

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Dangrill food pincet
• Material: stainless steel
• Length: 30cm
• Product number: 88010

SKU: L88010 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
4,99 €

Marinade injector
• Size (wo/ needle): 16 x Ø4 cm
• Size (w/ needle): 26 x Ø4 cm
• 2 dismantable needles in various thickness
• Product number: 86597

SKU: L86597 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14days
10,99 €

Dangrill grillnet
• Size: 28x 62x 3cm
• BBQ basket size: 27x 25cm
• Handle in TPR
• Product number: 87992

SKU: L87992 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14days
13,99 €

Dangrill grill cover size M
• Size: 125x 55x 103cm (W x D x H)
• Material: 0,45 mm Oxford (polyester fiber) + pvc
• UV protection
Item number: 87963

SKU: L87963 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
56,99 €

AMT Glass Lid, Ø20 cm

• Product dimensions: Ø20cm
• Domed fitted glass lid
• Heat resistant up to 240°C
• Prevents food from splattering on your stovetop
• Perfect for steaming, slow cooking and braising

AMT Gastroguss makes their cookware tough so your food doesn’t have to be. This glass lid fits on to the corresponding cookware perfectly and provides even more versatility, allowing for different cooking methods such as steam frying, braising, steaming and slow cooking.

SKU: LSKU 020-E-Z1L ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
16,00 €
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Barbecue Spatula With Bottle Opener
• Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: 41cm

SKU: LBT28-labidas ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
4,49 € (10%)
4,99 €

Charcoal Starter
• Convenient and quick lighting of charcoal and briquettes
• Spark guard for safe transfer of glowing coals into kettle grill

SKU: LBBQ-87073 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
6,37 € (25%)
8,49 €

Garden chair Grande

SKU: L274684 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
47,40 € (40%)
79,00 €

Patio heater flame tube
• LPG gas heater
• Height: 2150mm
• Power 9kW
• Gas consumption 650g/h
• Piezo ignition
• Crash protection
• Wheels below
• Cylinder hardened glass

SKU: L250730 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
225,00 € (10%)
250,00 €

Garden chair
• Grey garden chair
• Size: 54x 69x 90cm

SKU: L253844 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
19,92 € (20%)
24,90 €