Rösle kettle grill NO.1 Belly F50

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RÖSLE kettle grill NO.1 Belly F50

• Practical lid hinge: No more annoying lid dropping. Thanks to the hinge, the lid can be opened and easily closed again with just one hand.
• Lid thermometers: Large lid thermometer, easily readable display in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
• Comfortable working height: the ergonomic height of 80cm ensures a comfortable working environment at the BBQ.
• Large lid: ensures sufficient space inside the cooking area to accommodate the appropriate attachments such a Ribs and Roasts Rack or a Chicken Roaster.
• High quality material: Kettle grill made from porcelain-enamelled steel in black. Stable tubular frame made from aluminium.
• Extra large barbecue area: diam 50cm = 1885 cm/2
• Ash collecting conteiner: for clean dust-free grilling.
• Precise adjustment air supply: The temperature in the cooking area can be controlled via the ventilation.
• Easy transport: The large wheels are stable and guarantee easy transport even on uneven surfaces.
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 73x 68x 105cm
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RÖSLE Smoker Box

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• RÖSLE BBQ Briquettes
• Smoke- free ignition when combined with the RÖSLE Zero Smoke System
• More than 4 hours BBQ pleasure
• 3kg

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RÖSLE Marinade Injector
• Marinade can be directly injected into the meat with the syringe
• Intensifies aroma and shortens marinating time

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Protective Cover Kettle Grill No.1 Sport models Ø50cm|20 in.
• Waterproof
• Velcro fastening for fixing onto grill frame
133 cm
95 cm
0.77 kg
PES Polyester PEVA Coating black
PES Polyester
PEVA Coating

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