Rösle Gas Grill BBQ-Station Videro G4 black 30mbar (4 Burners)

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Rösle Videro G4 black Gas Grill BBQ Station 30mbar

What an impressive appearance: the gas grill BBQ stations made by Rösle. With all the technical features that high-performance grills offer: Fast ignition and powerful burners, a wide range of temperatures and even heat distribution, along with clean combustion and comfortable extras - from the back-saving working height to side shelves to a spacious base cabinet for plenty of accessories.

LARGE GRILL SURFACE Videro G4 = 70× 45cm (3.150cm²)
FOUR STAINLESS-STEEL BURNERS: With 3.5kW each they provide unlimited grill pleasure.
COMFORTABLE WORKING HEIGHT: The ergonomic height of 90 cm guarantees convenient working at the grill.
CATCHMENT TRAY: For dripping fat, oil and sauces. For cleaning, the tray can be removed from the front.
LARGE LID THERMOMETER: Easy-to-read display in °C and °F.
LID WITH GLASS INSERT Allows for a clear view of the progress of your meal even when the lid is closed. No interruption of cooking process when lid is lifted. The temperature remains constant.
ILLUMINATED ROTARY KNOB BASE CABINET WITH LARGE STORAGE SPACE: For gas bottles up to 5kg and grill accessories.
EASY TO TRANSPORT: Stable wheels ensuring safe and effortless transport also on uneven ground.
BUILT-IN SIDE BURNER: Side burner with 3.0 kW power built into side dish. When closed, the side dish can be used as work space e.g. for preparing side dishes or sauces.

stainless steel 18/0, Steel powder-coated black
70x 16
18/0 stainless steel, Steel
Enamelled cast iron
70x 45
AA - Alkaline-Mignon
• Item number: 25308

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Protective Cover BBQ-Station Videro G4
• Waterproof
• Velcro fastening for fixing onto grill frame
• Width: 51 cm
• Height: 118 cm
• Weight: 1.46 kg
• Composition: PES Polyester PEVA Coating black
• Colour: black
• Material: PES Polyester
• Direct contact with food: No
• Surface: PEVA Coating

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Cast Iron Plate Rösle Videro G3/G4
45 cm
19.5 cm
1.2 cm
2.8 kg
Cast iron enamelled anthracite
44.5x 19.5x 1.4cm
Cast iron

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Landmann Safety regulator set
• Pressure regulator 30mbar
• Hose clamps 2p
• With the pressure gauge showing pressure in the liquid gas bottles giving an indication of when it is time to refill the liquid gas bottles

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RÖSLE Smoker Box

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