Rösle Fish Bone Tongs

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RÖSLE Fish Bone Tongs

• The flat, wide grips of the Fishbone Tongs with their grooved ridges get hold of fishbones of all sizes without breaking them
• Comfortable handling due to well-balanced flexibility
18/10 stainless steel

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• RÖSLE Fish Rack
• The perfect grill accessory for grilling fish such as trout, samlet and seabream.
• Offers two options for positioning the fish.

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• RÖSLE BBQ Briquettes
• Smoke- free ignition when combined with the RÖSLE Zero Smoke System
• More than 4 hours BBQ pleasure
• 3kg

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Landmann Digital Thermometer
• Radio display module and sensor with transmitter
• Measurement of the core temperature, range approx. 30 m
• 8 types of meat and 5 different grilling levels can be adjusted
• Extra large display, made of high quality ABS plastic
• Target barbecue temperature can be set
• Automatic alert when the desired cooking level is reached
• Stopwatch and countdown timer
• Battery powered (4 x AAA batteries not included)
• Product dimensions:  6 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm

SKU: L13625 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
35,50 €

Landmann Skewer with an engine
• Product:  88.5 cm length
• Weight: 1.8kg
Maximum payload: 3 kg
• Splash proof stainless steel motor housing
• Rotisserie with 230V motor
• Suitable: Avalon PTS 4.1, Miton PTS 3.1, Miton PTS 4.1, Triton PTS 4.1, Triton PTS 3.1

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119,00 €

Mustang Smoking Shavings
• 10L
• Manufactured from alder
• Instructions: Spread an even layer of around 2dl/kg alder shavings on the smoking tray. The fish skin will become a beautiful colour if you add 1 to 2 sugar cubes into the shavings. Smoke the fish for 20- 50 minutes depending on the size of the fish and the heat inside the smoker. the fish are cooked when the fins and backbone can be easily removed.

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