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Coat for charcoal grill Big Landmann, XS

SKU: L14343
Delivery time: 5- 14 days
48,99 €
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Rain cover size XS for Landmann grills

• Dimensions: 80x 65x 100cm (width x depth x height)
• Material: polyester
• Protects the grill from rain, wind, pollen and dirt, significantly extending the life of the grill
• Product code: 14343

Suitable for grills:
• Big Landmann (11501)
• Landmann barrel grill Goth (11430)

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Landmann barrel grill GOTH with cast iron grill
• The height of the charcoal bath is adjustable, thanks to which you can adjust the distance of the charcoal from the cooking surface
• Makes food for ~ 10 people
• Baking surface 56x 42cm
• Size: 132 (86) x 108x 65cm
• Weight: 26.1kg

SKU: L11430 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
235,00 €

Big Landmann Kamado grill

With the ceramic kamado grill, you can brown, grill and smoke meat and other food. Meat remains juicier than when cooking with other types of grills. The Kamado grill is easier to maintain the temperature and at the same time uses less coal than a regular charcoal grill.

• Thermometer on the cover
• Stainless ventilation valve to regulate the air flow on the side
• Cast iron strong carbon
• Strong inner container
• Strong double stainless steel folding grill

SKU: L11501 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
714,00 € (40%)
1190,00 €