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Charcoal firing lung

SKU: LBBQ-87073
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Charcoal firing lung

• Helps to ignite charcoal quickly and chemically.
• Allows you to produce more charcoal during cooking without removing it from the grill!
• Dimensions: H 27cm, Ø16.5cm
• Place the coals in the lungs and place burning paper or similar under the lungs and wait until the coals have ignited.
• A good tool if you need to grill a lot.
• Product code: BBQ-87073

Kokku sobivad tooted

RÖSLE grill briquettes
• Very long burning time up to 270 minutes
• Does not produce smoke!
• 3kg

SKU: L25150 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
7,49 €