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Kamado charcoal grill Big Landmann. Final sale of the assembled sample. You have to pick up the grill in our sample hall Tuuliku tee 4, Tallinn.

SKU: L11501
Delivery time: 5- 14 days
Price: 1190,00 €
714,00 €


Big Landmann Kamado grill

With the ceramic kamado grill, you can brown, grill and smoke meat and other food. Meat remains juicier than when cooking with other types of grills. The Kamado grill is easier to maintain the temperature and at the same time uses less coal than a regular charcoal grill.

• Thermometer on the cover
• Stainless ventilation valve to regulate the air flow on the side
• Cast iron strong carbon
• Strong inner container
• Strong double stainless steel folding grill
• Cast iron air flow valve on the cover
• Makes food for ~ 16 people
• Cooking surface: Ø47.5cm
• Size: 125 / 88x 131x 72cm
• Weight: 132kg
• Product code: 11501

Under the German brand of Landmann, grills have been produced for over 50 years!

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Landmann stainless charcoal firing lung
• Extra large ~ 5.4l.
• Recommended for anyone who cannot tolerate the smell of charcoal flammable liquids!

SKU: L15200 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
26,99 €

The Landmann smoke chip box for charcoal and gas grills allows you to give the food to be grilled the desired flavor and aroma.
• Dimensions: 27.5x 4.5x 10cm
• Stainless steel
• Placed on a grill rack or gas grill on a flame diffuser

SKU: L13958 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
22,50 €

Landmann flame arrestor and pizza plate
• The plate is made of ceramic cordierite baking stone, which is very strong and can withstand temperature fluctuations well.
• Plate support is made of stainless steel (2mm)

SKU: L15900 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
99,00 €

Rain cover size XS for Landmann grills
• Dimensions: 80x 65x 100cm
• Material: polyester
• Protects the grill from rain, wind, pollen and dirt, significantly extending the life of the grill

SKU: L14343 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
48,99 €

Landmann barbecue gloves
• 2 pcs
• Dimensions: 17x 36.5x 2cm
• Quality product!

SKU: L13699 ,   Delivery time: 5- 14 days
29,99 €

Landmann Grill Apron
• Dimensions: 105x 70cm
• Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
• Large pocket

SKU: L13701 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 days
17,99 €